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A popular trend is photo walls.  With our family and friends often scattered across the globe it is a great way to keep your family close.  And all those photos that your gather on your travels deserve to be admired and enjoyed.  Let us help you put a wall together of your memories and most treasured moments.  

Please contact us below and we will provide a complimentary consultation for you.


Our Consultants are working from home during lockdown and can provide you with a virtal consultation either via skype or you can send us your info: 

Here is how it works: 

1.  Survey your home and decide which walls you would like to put your photo wall on. 
2.  Take a photo of these walls.
3.  Measure the width and height of your wall 
4. We will use your wall and send you several mockups showing layouts, frame styles and colors to choose from.  If you know how many photos you would like, please let us know. 

 We offer full service, we will enlarge/retouch your photos, print, frame and install.   

(After lockdown ends of course) 

Alternatively for any existing artwork or photos please send the measurements of the art and we will send a quote. 



Contact us here for a Complimentary Consultation
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