MURALIS.CO is a multi-disciplinary art procurement and art design agency which procures, designs and produces artwork in various mediums and styles, creating fine art installations as well as that of individual artworks for the hospitality; retail and high-end residential spaces.

MURALIS.CO has cultivated relationships with artists and makers from around the world whom contribute to design and production of works.

Our relationships with developers; interior designers; architects and the individual client are
built by a common goal and cemented by the achievement of spectacular spaces.


Designing site-specific art installations and room art for the hotel industry, MURALIS.CO have set themselves up to facilitate pieces on any scale. The design teams’ interpretation of contemporary art on a diversified cultural plain has caught the design eye of international hospitality brands and private clientele from the Middle East to CapeTown.


Our specialisation focuses on working in the space and designing works specifically for that environment within the recognized budgets of the client, resulting in an excellent interpretation of their desired taste and style.

We are also available for a virtual consultation.   Please provide your skype info below when you set the  time and we will contact you at the agreed time. 

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